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It’s Brimfield week, and you know what that means…fabulous finds are calling my name.

But once I’m there, a little later in the day when I need that second wind to kick in (I’ve been going since 5 a.m.), a secret little vice (or voice) takes over and calls my name. The secret little vice? Quite simply a humble yet very special homemade donut (or two).  You know how a hot dog always tastes better at a ball game, well that’s how it is with the donuts that are made right there road-side at Brimfield. Hot, slightly oily, and generously coated in a perfect mixture of cinnamon to sugar ratio. So worth lining up for. I think they’re very best eaten asap, but you might as well order a couple to go while you’re at it and nuke them when you get home. It’ll make you happy.

Happy Hunting!

Love, Nora

  • Dear Nora,
    Thank you for sharing! I tried to start a diet this morning… and now I’ll be thinking about donuts all day! Luckily Denver has no homemade donuts that I know off… lol
    I’d be in serious trouble (and up a waist size or two) if we had apple orchards and those marvelous fresh cider donuts that I love to buy in New England in the fall!


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